Forbes Field
Forbes Field

3) Forbes Field (1909-1970)
Pittsburgh, PA
Home to: Pirates, Grays

A: Once revered alongside Wrigley Field and Fenway Park as highlights of the “Jewel Box” era of parks from the early 20th century, Forbes Field closed halfway through the 1970 season upon the completion of Three Rivers Stadium.

The following season, as the Pirates christened their new stadium with a World Series victory over the Baltimore Orioles, demolition continued on Forbes Field. Workers set up discarded stadium seating in front of the outfield scoreboard to use as benches and listened to the games on radio as they gradually demolished their old stadium.

J: Pittsburgh is synonymous with steel and industry, and Forbes Field enhanced this perception by being the first baseball stadium built entirely with steel and concrete. Inspired by the music of Edgard Varese, this metallic, ethereal soundscape embodies the legacy of Forbes and its home city.

All artwork by Adam Dorhauer. Music written by John Dorhauer.