Collaboration with Hitmakuzz Productions recorded November 14, 2015.
Photo gallery of LIVE performance at Reggies Chicago on Friday, July 29, 2016


Lyrics by FNC & K.I.D.

Music by John Dorhauer

Trombone solo by Josh Torrey

Street Symphony

Lyrics by #1 Kintinda and K.I.D.

Music by John Dorhauer

Keyboard solo by Colin Drozdoff, soprano sax solo by Adam Frank

In 2 Win

Lyrics by K.I.D., FNC, and Phil

Music by John Dorhauer

Tenor sax solo by Dan Meinhardt


Rappers: K.I.D., FNC, and Phil.
Saxes: Adam Frank, Dan Meinhardt, Kelley Dorhauer, Matt Beck, James Baum
Trombones: Michael Nearpass, Josh Torrey, Chris Shuttleworth, Steve Duncan
Trumpets: Tom Klein, Adam Roebuck, Bennett Heinz, Jen Marshall
Guitar: Chris Parsons
Piano: Colin Drozdoff
Bass: Dan Parker
Drums: Keith Brooks, Nils Higdon (video only)

Producers: Tim Frank & John Dorhauer
Director of Photography/Video Editor: Curtis Matzke
Audio Engineer/Mixer: Robert Newton

Recorded at The Foxhole Chicago
November 14, 2015